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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gorman Panthers' Football

On Sat. one of my wife's friends (Regina) hired me to photograph her brother (#80) during a football game. Regina drove us half way across Texas. It was about a three hour drive. I started in Lubbock Texas, drove to Tahoka Texas to meet up with my wife and Regina and the game was in Gorman Texas. It was a thougher game that Regina thought it was going to be. Last week Gorman had scored 85 points to win the game( I think that's what Regina told me, I have a horrible memory) The final score this week was Gorman - 7 , Ranger - 6. While I was working I met some fellow photographers out on the field, they were a big help. I can not remember their names, I told you all, I have a horrible memory. Go Gorman!!! Good Luck with the rest of your season. I took over 400 photos, so here are a few favorites of #80. Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.


Ema said...

Wow, great pics, Fabian. Made me homesick for Friday night high school football! :)

angie said...

hey Fabian this is a student from Gorman, i love your pictures, and #80 is Clinton Oliver he has graduated already.